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Post  Leo on Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:36 pm

The mess hall, wonderfully mushed... Something.... Mystery meat, and of course the only two good things, doughnuts and grilled cheese, better make your own food.
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Post  Razz on Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:26 am

"Alright you trouble maker. Time to have a small chat with you." One of the men said. Razz rolled her eyes "Wait.. Why are you not taking me to the cells?" Razz asks. The other man speaks, "We believe there is no need for a cell yet." Razz nods and shrugs. They sit her down on the table and one stares at her ears. "Uhmm... Greg... We've got a problem.." The man named Greg looks at her ears and steps back , "Not good..." Razz nods, "Indeed. Not good." She takes her cuffed hands and slams them around the man's neck. She pulled and heard a crack. She bounced to Greg and knocked him over. Razz had two pairs of hand cuffs on her, Greg reached at her wrists. Razz snapped her wrists and the second pair of cuffs were on Greg she smiled "Rule number one... Always be the smartest person in the room." She raised her foot, "Rule number two... Never sleep on the job." She smirks and kicks him in the face knocking him out.

Razz sprints out of the room and starts looking around. A pair of handcuffs still on her. She keeps running heading down some stairs and into the hall way of the cells. It seemed like she just got out... Now she was heading back in.

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"I am a mystery. You don't understand the things I hide, and you won't get the stories I tell. But the thing is... You see me for what I am not for what I'm not. Some of you may be blind to the real me. But some will see the escaped captive I am..."

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