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Post  Admin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:10 pm

As this is a rp site we have to have some rules so you don't go over bord, if you break these rules you will be warned, temporally banned, or even kicked off the site.

1. No Power play

Use of another player's persona.
EX - Dee flailed his arms whacking Cece in the face making her cringe and bleed

2. no vulgar or inappropriate language

No cussing. Lets keep this mild. If cussing in RP cut it off using -
EX - "Your such a pain in the -!"

3. No nude or sexual photos or inappropriate links

Do I need to say it. Be mature, no one wants to see porn

4. We would like for you not to double post

It would be the most fair. If no one replies, copy your old post, delete it and repost.

5. Respect all players

Please respect all players. And don't be racist

6. Please obey the monitors if they tell you to stop you stop

I have seen people who are complete butts when they get confronted by a monitor, but remember. We can ban you.

7. We have the power to ban you, so obey the rules

Noted in rule six. We can and will ban you if we need too.

8. Please be as active as possible, if you are planning on going away, please message me, or Blitz

We would like to know when and why you are going away.

9. Time skips

There is a time when you time skip. Or you don't even rp it. To show a time skip, press the enter button to leave a space.
EX Sam decided it was time too take a shower. He headed into the bathroom and turn on the water to become warm.
He dried his hair and walked down the hall for a snack.

10. This is not Real Life.

This is not Real Life. Let me say it again, this is not Real Life.
This is RP. We are people playing roles. These roles are not us, and yet they are.

Just keep in mind while you're playing that a character may hate your guts but that character's player may really care for you. Take everything with a grain of salt.

11. Romance

Romance... Wow, talking in the aca-akward category.
First up, there will be no $ex. Had to be said.
Also. There will be no making out, this is dirty.
A kiss on the lips and cheeks are fine.
And absolutely NO touchy feely
We encourage cute dates though.

PM for more rules

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